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source : Sin Chew Daily Malaysia 2012-09-18 马来西亚星洲日报   http://news.sinchew.com.my/node/261366




( translation of the 2012-09-18  report into English)

 “I do not wish to accuse anyone, nor do I wish to investigate the matter further. I simply wish that art lovers and collectors who collect my works feel free to get in touch with me to verify the authenticity of my works.”- LEE Kian Seng.

( Petaling Jaya/Selangor /Malaysia /2012-09-17 )

A suspected fake artwork passed off as created by Malaysian artist LEE Kian Seng’s work has surfaced with the intention of being put up for auction.

Lee Kian Seng, the “Father of Malaysia  installation art”, who trail-blazed the art scene from the 60s to the 80s, stressed that he had never put that particular piece of work up for auction. He wished to alert art collectors of this matter in order not to be duped into paying premium price for a fake.

Lee Kian Seng stated that there have been cases of faked artwork in the past, particularly imitations of his style of art passed off as his original masterpieces, thus misleading collectors into believing that they have his original works.

Artwork Authentication

“I do not wish to accuse anyone, nor do I wish to investigate the matter further. I simply wish that art lovers and collectors who collect my works feel free to get in touch with me to verify the authenticity of my works.”

He revealed to Sin Chew Jit Poh Malaysia that an acquaintance of his associated with the auction field, contacted him with regards to a so-called work of his which was about to go on the auction block.

While getting in touch with LEE Kian Seng to open a few words about the work, the suspicion of the authenticity rose.

The aforesaid acquaintance stated that prior to putting the so-called work by Lee Kian Seng next month, he emailed the artist a photo of the work (which dated from the 60s to the 70s) and requested that the artist describe something about the work; undoubtedly with the hopes of auctioning the work at a higher price.

No Recall of creating the work

Lee Kian Seng did not recall having the art piece. Furthermore, the emailed photo of the work was too small for close scrutiny. The artist then suggested that the owner get in touch with him, in order to allow for the actual inspection of the said work. However, a few days later, he was told that the owner had decided to withdraw the said art piece from auction house.

Lee Kian Seng revealed that ever since it has been brought to his attention that fake copies of his work could be floating around the local auction market, he felt unsettled, especially when the owner abruptly decided not to sell the supposed work of his at the last minute. He is fairly convinced that the artwork was a fake.

Lee Kian Seng is Malaysia’s foremost multi-disciplinary artist. His prolific career attests his passion for art from a young age. For many years he has produced works of great variety and high caliber. His forte includes painting lithography, sculpture, dye-and-resist techniques, etc.

 He stated, “since the days of the Samad Art Gallery in the 70s, I have not been represented by any gallery nor agent in order to sell my works. It is still so today. Presently I am still alive hence art collectors may get in touch with me directly at 012-2332878 (due to health issue, it may not be feasible for the artist to talk for an extended period of time) or email lee_kian_seng@hotmail.com for arrangement to verify with regards to the authenticity of my works.” (Sin Chew Daily Malaysia 2012-09-17)

 Pic 1: LEE Kian Seng’s iconic workFrom the Windows of Red (紅色的視窗) became an imitation item for later artists. He is hailed as the progenitor of installation art in Malaysia. (Sin Chew Daily Malaysia)

Pic 2: LEE Kian Seng is a foremost multi-disciplinary artist in Malaysia. The medium of his work include painting, sculpture, resist-dyeing, lithography and 3-D installation, etc. (Sin Chew Daily Malaysia )


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他说,70年代沙玛画廊停业后至今,我未委任何画廊或代理人售卖创作。我现在还健在,收藏家可以发简讯至012-233-2878(因喉疾,详谈不太方便)或电邮至lee_kian_seng@hotmail.com以直接联络我,以安排鉴定是贗品还是真品。" (星洲日报)

(图1李健省著名的艺术创作《红色的视窗》(From the Windows of Red成为新一代艺术家模仿的艺术品,而他后来也被誉为大马装置艺术之父"。星洲日报)



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